Ferguson TEF-20 Ki-gas pump.  This is part of the cold starting system on the standard diesel engine.  The pump is a simple plunger vacuum unit with a ball check valve in the inline and a ball check valve in the out line.  The outline is the one with the shutoff valve on it and goes to the fitting in the intake manifold above the heat coil (glow plug).  In the intake manifold is a spray fitting.  The purpose is to inject warm fuel when cold starting.  I have not installed it and do not know how effective it is.

Plunger unit had a extended screw fitting that screwed into the threads in the casting to lock it down when not in use.  I had to cut it off to free the plunger.

The red wire is hooked to the glowplug.  The kigass pump is connected to the fitting above. 

The kigass pump goes into the big hole in the right side of the dash.

The toggle switch to the right of the oil pressure gauge is to the glow plug.  It is not original.  The original, I believe, was a push/pull switch.